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Part-Time Job Ideas For Students

Are you looking for a way to build experience or just make some extra cash? Having a job while you’re in high school is such a good way to grow professionally and personally. Some people go through university never having had a job in their life, you’ll already have a leg up with experience! And there are plenty of jobs that gear towards high school students, so here’s a list if you need ideas!

1. Food Counter Attendant

This is a broad term that covers working the counter in everything from fast food to local bakeries. This is a really great first job for people that like to work in teams and love interacting with people. McDonald’s is a common place people start at because of the thorough training. You can also apply to a local bakery or take-out style restaurant that you enjoy!

2. Barista

If you’re already spending money on coffee and teas, this is a great one for you. Of course there’s Starbucks, which is quite fast paced normally, but it’s a good environment that you have room for growth in. Not to mention that you get to be creative with those free drinks! But if you want something a bit more relaxed, local coffee shops will have a more up and down pace where you can practice your latte art. In any case, being a barista is a great first job to have where you get to actually create!

3. Server

Restaurant jobs are some of the best paying jobs you can get in high school. You might have to wait until you’re 19 in some places to serve, but you can start as a busser or host before that and still receive some money in tips. Restaurant jobs help you learn how to multitask, be a good team member and work under pressure – all transferable skills. Also lots of restaurants give their staff free meals so that’s always nice!

4. Kitchen Jobs

If you’re passionate about cooking, a kitchen job is the job for you! While you might have to start as a prep cook or dishwasher, there are definitely opportunities to move up. These jobs can be a lot of hard work, but some places give you great opportunities. Applying at places like Cactus Club may come with training opportunities at schools.

5. Movie Theatre

A movie theatre job is another classic for many in high school. Getting free movies is a huge perk, especially if you’re into movies. It’s another great job for making friends at and having room to move up in. Because movie theatres are open all the time, you’ll have a more flexible schedule and with lots of employees it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone to cover a shift when you need.

6. Camp Counselor

A classic summer job that builds really great skills, but is also just fun! You get to go on field trips to fun places that you don’t have to pay for, or you can even go to a sleepaway camp! If you grew up going to a camp, becoming a counselor at that camp is the obvious next step. And if you’re interested in going into education, this is a great job to have on the resume.

7. Front Desk Receptionist

This might be a job to get later in your high school years when you’ve already had some experience, but it’s a really great one to start early to have on a resume in the future. Many places hire front desk receptionists such as yoga/fitness studios, salons, hotels and more. You can work in these jobs over the summer, or weekends if they allow it. It’s helpful if you have an in at the business, so reach out to your family friends to see if they might have work for you!

8. Retail

Not everyone loves retail and that’s super fair, but having a retail job in  your life will make you appreciate the people working there so much more. If you have a store you already love going to, apply there! They’ll appreciate the fact that you care about the brand, and you’ll appreciate the discounts.

9. Babysitter or Petsitter

If your parents have any friends that need a little time off from the kids, this is a nice way to make some extra cash. It might not be a super regular job, but if you’re just looking for some extra money it’s a good one. If you love pets, pet sitting or dog walking is also great. Helping others take a well deserved break and getting some money is never a bad thing!

Starting the job search early is always a good idea. Use websites like Craigslist for food service jobs, and Indeed for more office oriented or retail jobs. If you have a specific place in mind, find their website and apply – or go in person!

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