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+1 604 564 9431


896 W 8th Avenue

Vancouver, BC

09:00 - 16:00

Monday to Friday


The Admissions team at CIRA is committed to helping future students figure out the best program for their child.


Every student is encouraged to reach their full academic potential, be able to develop critical thinking skills, take risks, become independent and improve in self-esteem.

Summer School 2021

Summer School 2022

Summer school courses offered at CIRA High School are aimed to help students improve their marks to prepare for the next grade.

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What You Should Know in High School

In high school, things can get pretty overwhelming. You're dealing with trying to get good grades and getting into university, while also dealing with friendships…

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Part-Time Job Ideas For Students

Are you looking for a way to build experience or just make some extra cash? Having a job while you're in high school is such…

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10 Terms to Know to be a Better Ally

Let’s start off with the basics - what is an ally? An ally is someone who makes the commitment and effort to recognize their privilege. They…

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Frequently Asked Questions

We value small class sizes and individualized attention for each student. Class sizes are 5-15 students, allowing the teacher to provide optimal support to all students.

Canada Royal Arts High School will offer a Semester Calendar starting from the 2020-2021 School Year. The main intake periods are Fall (September) and Spring (February). Students may also choose to join our Summer Intensive Courses in July.

Upon request, we provide homestay services for our students.

We provide scholarships for students who display outstanding academic achievement or show involvement in extra-curricular activities. Please send us an email to find out more information.

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